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    staked-etherLido Staked Ether (STETH) $ 2,367.26 1.4%
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TOP 10! Best Play-to-Earn Games on PC or Mobile

Play-to-earn is all the rage right now – who wouldn’t want to earn money while engaging in their hobby?
Firefly Gaming Studio Year 2080 With A Futuristic And Minimalistic Design 53635
Here’s our Top 10 play to earn games of 2023 on PC or Mobile. Our list will likely change and games will shift places over time. Currently, we found the following ten titles ideal if you seek to earn rewards, NFTs or Crypto while playing these games.


Platform: PC Genre: Tactical Card Game Token: $SPS Payment: HIVE, WAX, ETH, BINANCE, TRON, EOS, BTC, BTC CASH & STEEM This tactical card game is a bit unusual in that it’s all about passive gameplay with deck building being the main focus. All battles are automated, so it’s quick to play and users can focus mainly on the actual deck building rather than the strategy of playing. It’s an unusual experience, but it’s a great one for players with less time to dedicate to their crypto gaming ventures.

Pros: Recognizable gameplay & real digital ownership

Cons: May be costly at first & need knowledge of Web3


Platform: iOS, Android, PC Genre: Turn-based Battles Token: $AXS Payment: RONIN & TREZOR Difficulty: Intermediate Perhaps THE big name in play to earn, Axie Infinity is still a staple in any crypto gaming fan’s line-up. Players collect breed and raise Axies in order to fight against others and PvP levels as well. The currency earned is used to pay breeding fees and more – while the entry cost is significantly higher than for most other play-to-earn games. It’s still a solid option for anyone wanting to earn some crypto while playing a fun strategic game! You can also join in esports leagues playing Axie Infinity thanks to the growing community. Cloud9 esports organisation have recently teamed up with Axie Infinity to offer subscription based products and services based around competitive crypto gaming! Pros: The Axie community is extremely active as we have seen with the World Championships & regular updates to gameplay. Cons: The network has been compromised by hackers previously, & the value of the token has not reached anywhere near its all time high price despite its popularity. 3. STAR ATLAS Platform: PC Genre: MMORPG Strategy/Adventure Token: $POLIS/$ATLAS Payment: PHANTOM, SOLFLARE % OKX WALLET Difficulty: Expert Star Atlas is one of the most anticipated Play-To-Earn games, available currently on PC. It has been built on the Solana blockchain, using the Unreal Engine 5 for realistic, cinematic visuals and gameplay. The full game has not been released just quite yet, instead the team behind it, Sperasoft, has opted to release the game in bursts. These bursts have come so far in the form of NFTs, making this game somewhat exclusive. Through selling NFTs and other in-game items, you are able to earn ATLAS tokens, which are then exchangeable for money. Pros: Triple A gameplay developed on Unreal Engine 5 & one of the first play to earn games that featured on a mainstream gaming. Cons: Need an NFT to access the game and the full game has not been released yet despite the hype, could potentially fall flat before it has even begun… 4. SORARE Platform: iOS, Android, PC Genre: Fantasy Football Token: $SOR Payment: METAMASK, WALLET CONNECT & COINBASE WALLET Difficulty: Intermediate This is one of the bigger NFT games out there, and it has super close ties to real world football. Players collect fantasy football players for their teams and then compete. That said, this game isn’t easy to win, and a good team can take time and money to form – and by the time you have your star players, things may have changed around already. Still, for football fans, this game is an ideal start into crypto and NFT collecting! Pros: Licensed with sporting leagues like the EPL and NFL, & must try for all sports fans as it incorporates a broad selection of competitive sports. Cons: The gameplay is run of the mill fantasy league you would expect outside of Web3 and the barrier to entry is very high, with some NFTs going for absurd prices. 5. GODS UNCHAINED Platform: PC Genre: Trading Card Game Token: $GODS Payment: METAMASK & GAMESTOP WALLET Difficulty: Intermediate Gods Unchained is an NFT-based Trading Card game that is currently considered one of the best out there. It features all the stuff you would expect – deck building, battling, tactical decisions, and of course a bit of luck. Players collect cards as NFTs (of course) and thus can improve or sell their decks at any point. Leveling up and winning earns them card packs, which is another way to earn and improve their deck if they want to. Pros: Brought to us and developed by ex Magic: The Gathering figure, & plenty of NFT collections have been released that develop the lore and gameplay. Cons: Popularity has sunk considerably, and there is a cost to get started, however, it is not as high as other play to earn games. 6. THE SANDBOX Platform: PC Genre: VR Metaverse World Token: $SAND Payment: METAMASK, COINBASE WALLET, WALLET CONNECT, VENLY & BITSKI Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate The Sandbox is one of several metaverse hopefuls that aims to build an entire universe for players to explore in – and it uses various different environments for players to, well, play in. The main aspects of it are the social component as well as the huge variety of things to do. No matter skills or preferences, everyone can find something to do while earning crypto on the side! The Sandbox since its release, has gone on to collaborate with some pretty big names in the entertainment industry. The likes of Paris Hilton, Deadmau5, Snoop Dogg and Gordan Ramsay have all released NFTs and in-game experiences for players to enjoy. You are also able to make your own game levels and NFTs. All of which are sellable, making this a top Play-To-Earn game to try out in 2023! Pros: A huge metaverse experience featuring the top brands and companies in the world & a lot of user generated content – can create your own NFTs and experiences. Cons: Some NFTs can be quite costly, such as previous Snoop Dogg experience tickets, and the economy is unstable due to the game not fully being developed – time will tell on this. 7. TAMADOGE Platform: PC Genre: Arcade Metaverse Experience Token: $TAMA Payment: Coinbase Difficulty: Easy Everyone’s favorite meme crypto coin is back and has gotten the Metaverse treatment. Tamadoge had a successful pre-sale for the native $TAMA token and has shown no signs of slowing down. Used on the Tamadoge arcade, gamers can play different Doge themed mini games to earn NFTs and crypto tokens. NFT dogs can be bred and leveled up to enhance gameplay and potential take home rewards! If you love 8-bit style games and of course, Doge what are you waiting for? Be sure to check Tamadoge out! Pros: Quirky recognisable character of Doge making this a good entry point and you can also play the minigames for free to test out the Tamadoge platform. Cons: Gameplay could be deemed quite repetitive & is based off of a crypto meme; is there longevity after the initial hype and updates from the dev team. 8. CRAZY DEFENSE HEROES Platform: iOS, Android Genre: Tower Defense Token: $TOWER Payment: METAMASK Difficulty: Hard Crazy Defense Heroes is a mobile only tower defense built on Ethereum. It doesn’t utilise NFTs, but it does offer plenty of fun – games are quick and all of it is nicely framed in a pretty to look at game. Compared to more fully-featured games like Blankos or Axie there isn’t too much to the crypto angle of this game, however that could well appeal to those new to crypto gaming who are just wanting to try it out! Pros: Brought to us by Animoca Brands, the team behind The Sandbox, & available on mobile over different blockchains like Binance and Ethereum. Cons: Gameplay and graphics are quite lackluster and could be seen as outdated, & popularity has shrunk considerably, as can be seen via their social media in regards to engagement and trading volume, which is also down 50% from all time highs. 9. BLANKOS BLOCK PARTY Platform: PC Genre: Action Adventure Token: Blanko Bucks and NFTs Payment: Listings and payments are made via the Mythical Marketplace Difficulty: Beginner Blankos is and was one of the most anticipated crypto projects to date – it’s perhaps the closest to an AAA game we’ve seen from the NFT and crypto world. Users buy collect and outfit their Blankos before playing in various party games and competitions with them, of course for a reward in the form of more NFT drops or just straight up crypto. It’s fun, it’s easy to pick up, and the entry investment is fairly low. Pros: Easy to access via the Epic Games Store, free, does not need a crypto wallet, & also has a season pass feature that opens up more doors to earn and play the game, similar to Fortnite. Cons: There are only 3 game modes currently on Blankos, probably best to play with friends, or it may get tiresome, & not much room to earn outside of completing challenges and selling NFTs. 10. EV. IO Platform: PC/Mac Web Browser Genre: Shooter Token: E token that is then exchanged for $SOL Payment: FRACTAL WALLET Difficulty: Easy Our last pick for our top Play-To-Earn games on PC or mobile is EV.io. This one is on the Solana blockchain again, and is actually playable through your web browser. By simply typing the name of the game in the URL search bar, you are thrown straight into a game. It has a similar playstyle to retro Halo games back on Xbox and Xbox 360, except on the blockchain. Purchasing NFTs allows for lucrative rewards and better gameplay. Esports is also thriving for this game as there are regular esport crypto leagues and tournaments held by W3E. For fans of fast paced first person shooter action! Pros: A good selection of game modes, extremely accessible (simply search the name and you are thrown into a game), & a thriving esports scene with regular tournaments and prizes. Cons: The graphics are not overly polished, could be seen as outdated, & the earning potential is not amazing, you have to play the game a lot to earn.





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